Our Capabilities


Research & Development

We have access to the top R&D specialists in the pet food industry to help with any formulation needs you may have.

Natural Ingredient Sourcing

We have access to all natural ingredients your formulations may require.

Milling and Batching

Our fully integrated facility allows us to mill and batch onsite. Your product formulations are strictly controlled through our sophisticated batching system.

Fresh Meat Inclusion

We specialize in fresh meat inclusion through our recently expanded prepared slurry system which incorporates food safety and an integrated CIP system.


Triple T utilizes fully equipped computerized single screw extrusion production systems to process pet foods with annual volumes ranging between 140,000 tons – 150,000 tons.

Further Processing

Triple T has the ability to produce a broad range of different size and shaped kibbles as well as multiple kibble blending. We also have the ability to apply a wide variety of liquids, powders and slurries to enhance the palpability of finished products.


Triple T has the ability to package your finished goods in a variety of bag types including paper, plastic and poly ranging from 3 to 55 pounds.

Distribution and Logistics

With 170,000 square feet of warehouse space and our centralized location allow us to be an excellent distribution center for not only the products we produce, but for other products we may need to receive in to fill your orders shipping directly to your customer.

Customer Service

Our experienced staff can help answer any formulation/manufacturing questions you may have.


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